Mobile cash games – Playyoo

Playyoo is bought for £1.8 mln by Probability gaming, ahead of the lifting of restrictions on mobile cash games, this could give Probability an early leader position in Italy. Italy announced it was lifting its ban on mobile cash games from December. Probability is a mobile slot games specialist.

Lugano-based Playyoo has developed a business-to-business (B2B) mobile gambling and sports betting platform that it already supplies to several of the largest companies in the Italian mobile gaming market including SNAI, Cogetech and NeoMobile. Playyoo’s mobile cash games are available on iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices, while several of their games, including Blackjack, have been accepted into the Apple App Store in Italy with a number more still in the approval process.

With this acquisition the company is positioning itself to be a leader in the Italian mobile casino market.

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